Name is Alyssa ^.^
California <3

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Happiness begins with you. Not with your relationship, your friends, or your job. But with you.

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Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you because one sided expectations kill you.



Today in science we learned that you can never gain cold, you can only have an absence of heat; and it made me think that maybe hatred doesn’t exist, and there’s only an absence of love.

this is the realist shit I’ve ever read

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lol this lil white girl is tru as shit

no crying no whining no tears she was ready to pop off

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my mom once told me that writing your feelings down or drawing them out is very therapeutic and relaxing 


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It’s harder than you think, to find someone who truly believes in your unequivocal, unconditional awesomeness, especially when you’re like me: unspectacular in every way.

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I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive.



the best part of being in a relationship is sharing food

just kidding, even if we are in a relationship I’m not sharing food

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